The “Training” Program

Let me say right off the bat – I have no idea how to train for CX or any other race. I ride a ton of road miles every year, but it’s somewhat aimless in it’s goal. I think I’m a good all-around rider but not a standout at anything in particular – if anything, handling is a strong point over speed and flat out power – I like riding gravel and bad weather, and kind of enjoy knowing that I will ride what, and when, my friends will not – and I’ll push harder in those moments to really push the buttons.

Anyway, at least with CX I knew I had some things I needed to learn how to do – namely, dismounts, remounts, and runups. So I headed over to our local park one morning, and started figuring out how to do all of the above. I got the basics pretty quickly, and started trying to get more comfortable with the Eggbeater/Mtn Shoe combo I was using (much different than my Speedplay road bike setup!). I did this a few more mornings and felt that I had a good grasp of the concepts, and decided to take the Kona up to Hashawha to ride some of the “easy” trails, figuring it would get me somewhat in shape for what to expect on the CX course – at least, more so than the road would.

What an eye opener it was! Rocks, roots, ruts – which led to a couple flats and one pretty hard tumble, and a phone call home to Jen to come pick me up. I was bruised (literally) and filthy but if anything, more determined to prepare. I wasn’t able to get out to any more singletrack or fire roads to work on riding the rough stuff, but I get the impression that the time I am able to spend on dismounts/remounts is quite worthy.

Next up – race day.