Stevenson University Marching Band


The Stevenson Marching Band was formed in 2011 to support the newly-created Stevenson University football team. The school devoted a lot of resources to building a new stadium and hiring staff to make the inaugural season a big success.

I was actually involved with several projects involving the newly-formed band – a website design and launch; a promotional video, and a stint as their adjunct professor of percussion in the fall of 2011 (I had spent many years teaching marching drums and percussion, beginning in 1990).

The Stevenson Band project was an interesting one. The band director, Mark Lortz contacted me with the requirements, and I set off on the usual stuff: sitemap, wireframe, design, etc. He loved it all, but came back to me and said, basically, the school needs the band website to look just like the athletic website. I wouldn’t say that I found the athletic site to be “visually appealing” to me, but hey – it’s not my job to judge, it’s my job to give people want they want and need. We launched the website in the late-spring of 2011, just prior to the inaugural season kickoff.

Part 2 of the project involved a short promotional video for recruitment purposes. We used some highly-effected images and video footage, along with an original score I composed, to create a short video. Mark and the school administration really liked it, and, I was really surprised when Mark called me in need of a broadcast-ready version of the ad – the university had purchased airtime to show the commercial during some regional lacrosse programming (lacrosse is huge here in Maryland, and Stevenson is a very well-ranked and regarded program). One more item in “the toolbox”!